Count Things from Photos Automatically

Avoid the trouble of manual counting.

Count and document the results with the "CountThings from Photos" app, a productivity tool to make your work efficient.

Give it a quick try. Watch the video.

Count "Xs" on white paper to get familiar with the app, then change the template to count something else.

Detailed steps to try the app


Go to your device platform store and get the "CountThings from Photos" app




Get the "Xs on White Paper" Counting Template

Once you’ve tried the app with the Xs you’ll be able to try other Counting Templates


Click "Next"


Click "Take New Photo"


Draw "Xs" on a blank white page and take a photo


Click "Count"


See the Counting Results

Notice the tags with a number on each counted item


If needed, you can 9.1"Adjust" and 9.2"Save" the results

Click 9.3"Main" to start counting new items


To Count other types of objects, click 10.1"Change Counting Template"

To Count from new photos, click 10.2"Take New Photo"

Click the button for your device to get the "CountThings from Photos" app.

What to do if results are not 100% accurate.

While the inaccurate results are still on the screen, click "More -> Wrong results?" and select "Send image". We will assess the issue. In most cases, we can work with you so that you will get accurate results every time.

    The three most common reasons for inaccurate count results:
  • Counting Template is not the best fit for the image
  • Image is taken from a different perspective than the Counting Template expects
  • Image quality is poor

Contact us if you have questions. Our support team is here to help.