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Digital Transformation: Automatic Counting in the Plastic Industry

For counting large numbers of objects, as is needed in a company like Plastilit, which specializes in PVC tubes and fittings, there is a need for a prolonged period of concentration in order to avoid mistakes.

This, among other factors, is one of the challenges of counting manually, as the human brain is known to shift focus and lose concentration.

When the objects are similar in color, shape and size, there is also the risk of losing track of the place in the row that is being counted.

The risk of making mistakes may determine a loss of trust in the manual counting process between customers and Plastilit.

The company has clients all over Brazil and Chile, including the Brazilian government, big construction, sanitation and retail companies.

With an Automated Packing Center that can pack up to 40 packages with weldable connections per minute, the need for speed and accuracy during the counting process is even more important.

The sum of all products must match the final weight of the collective package, emitting a new label with the reseller's Corporate Name, volume number, description of all the items listed, if the weight does not match the system sum, there may be something missing on the packaging, the material is all revised.

Since they started using CountThings from Photos, the counting time was reduced by over 60%, thus saving precious time and improving the productivity of the logistics process.

The improved precision of the counting results also helped establish more trust between Plastilit employees, directors and customers.

“A recurring problem in our company was the divergence of the tubes quantity, on the expedition process to our client,” said Luiz, who is responsible for auditing the logistics process of the company. He also confirmed that using CountThings from Photos to digitally count the tubes helped solve this issue: “The use of this technology eliminated expedition problems and improved significantly our relationship with our clients. We reduced to zero the problem of quantity divergence on clients deliveries using this digital solution.