Security FAQ

Learn how our counting solution is in line with your company’s security policies.

CountThings from Photos App

Online Security

You can enjoy the full functionality of our app without relying on internet connection, but first, you have to set up a few steps online:

  • Get the App - Downloading the app and activating a license on your device requires an internet connection.
  • Get the matching Counting Templates you will be using – You need an internet connection to download counting templates within the app.
    Once downloaded, the templates do not require any further internet connection, but we advise you to occasionally check for template updates online in our Templates Library.
  • Form distribution – Forms are distributed across devices logged into the same account through our online Portal.
    After distribution, these forms can be used offline.

Where internet connection is not available, we provide a solution to send counting templates from a device with internet connection to another device without an internet connection. Contact our support team and help us understand your case at

Using the app without a valid license always requires internet connection.

Offline Security

To ensure your company’s overall security we do NOT have access to your counting data.
Our app can work offline and is designed to function primarily on your local device.

Intranet Compatibility

The app is also fully compatible with intranet environments. This feature is particularly beneficial for users operating within a corporate or closed network. The app can easily integrate and function within your organization's intranet, ensuring efficient operation without the need for internet access.

Portal Hosting and Access

Portal Security

Our Portal is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This hosting choice ensures high reliability, security, and performance of our Portal.

The security of our Portal is a priority because it works as a License Server – by signing in to our Portal, you can manage your account and the distribution of the licenses. The Portal can only be accessed with an internet connection.

Firewall Access Requirements

To ensure uninterrupted access to our Portal, please configure your firewall settings to permit access to the following URLs:

  • API Access:
    This URL is essential for API communications and data transactions with our Portal.
  • Portal Access:
    This URL is for accessing the main portal interface.

Licensing and Activation

Our application's license allocation is primarily managed through an online distribution and activation process.

  • Standard Licenses – Once activated, the app does not require an internet connection until the license expires.
  • Floating and Mixed Licenses - Continuous internet connection is needed. This requirement facilitates the transfer of licenses between devices, ensuring dynamic and flexible usage.

Understanding the need for heightened security or non-internet-connected environments, we offer an offline activation method, by using a device with internet connection and transferring the license to the one without an internet connectionIf offline activation is required, please contact our support team for a customized solution at

Data Storage and Integration

Our app provides you full control over the saving process and location.

  • Offline Storage – save your counting data locally, on your device, without the need of internet connection.
  • Online Storage – save your counting data to various cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and SMB (Server Message Block).
  • Integrate & Connect - The app supports integration and communication with other systems via Web Services and Custom API calls.

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