Count Metal Sheets

This Guide walks you through the steps to count metal sheets using the CountThings from Photos app.
For each type of object to be counted, you need to add the right Counting Template to your device.
You only need to select the Counting Template once, before counting multiple photos of the same item type.
1. Adding a Counting Template From the Template Library, select the Metal sheets ID: 076 Counting Template by clicking on the GET button and click Done.
When multiple Counting Templates for similar items are available, use the one "Recommended" first. Later you can explore other Counting Templates to identify the one that works best for your needs.
Step 2 - Open Image From the CountThings from Photos app, open the image file.
Step 3 - Optional: Define Area of Interest Defining an area of interest is optional, but may be useful in some cases, it allows you to count only a portion of the image.
Make sure the "Count Area" button on the left is selected.
Hold down the left mouse button and drag around the area.
There are two ways to do it:
  1. Hold down the left mouse button and drag around the area, or
  2. Use the point method (shown below): use the left mouse button to add points
For more details, see the Define an Area guide.
Step 4 - Count Click Count.
Step 5 - Review the results – Make Modifications if Necessary If you notice any counting mistakes, you can easily correct them by adding, deleting, or moving tags.
You can add, delete, or move tags: left click to add, right click to delete, and left press and drag to move a tag.
Make sure the "Edit Tags" button on the left side is selected.
Left click to add a tag:
Right click to delete a tag:
Left press and drag to move a tag to a new location:
Step 6 - Save results Click Save.
Step 7 - Saved Image The results are located on your desktop in a folder named CountThingsResults.
To open the results folder, click on the green Saved button.
The results folders are structured by date: the top level folder is named by year, inside each year folder are folders by month, and inside each month folders are folders by day.


Step 1 - Calibration Tool If the counting results are not accurate enough, use the Calibration Tool to create a new Counting Template that's optimized to your photos.

Turn the Calibration Tool on by selecting it. The tool will appear over your image.
The circular Calibration Tool and its ToolBox will be displayed over the image. Move the Tool over a metal sheet.
Use the Calibration ToolBox to specify the minimum and the maximum thickness of a metal sheet.
Name the newly created Counting Template and click Save to apply the changes.
Count to test your newly created Counting Template.
If you need help, email and send us a few images from which you would like to count.
Make sure to send images with the highest possible resolution available to you. Do not resize the image to save space.