Custom Software Development
Focused on Computer Vision

We create software to extract information from images and videos. We can handle your entire project or collaborate with your team on specific areas needing our expertise.

Let's work together.

Custom Innovative Computer Vision Software for Your Needs

Custom Computer Vision software for people tracking
Custom Computer Vision software for port container counting via drone images
Custom Computer Vision software for endpoint identification and measurement
Custom 3D Computer Vision software for dental diagnostics and reconstruction
Custom Computer Vision software for assembly comparison and missing parts detection
Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network software development

How We Work with You

We begin with a virtual meeting where you describe your needs and share sample images or videos typical of your project. We then assess the work required, considering any existing work and reusable code.

While formal specifications are helpful, they often miss important details. We can work without formal specs, handling ambiguity and incomplete directions effectively. We can work based on an hourly rate or fixed cost per milestone.

Our Background

In business since 1986 and operating under our current structure since 2003, we consistently stay at the forefront of technology and best practices.

Our expertise lies in transforming cutting-edge academic Computer Vision theories into real-world commercial applications. We have completed over 500 projects, with over a million users interacting with our software daily. Our development work primarily supports companies that either sell our software to their clients or use it internally.

Many of our projects are related to medical applications, biotech, manufacturing, quality assurance, supply chain, and workflow operations. Many of our clients have had successful exits due to the software we developed for them.

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Technical Area of Expertise

Technology expertise

  • Computer Vision Software
  • Video & Image Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural Networks
  • Object Recognition
  • Image Recognition
  • Vector graphics, raster images & 3D Software
  • Video Analysis Software
  • Video Content Analysis


Computer Vision Software Applications for: Cloud computing, Mobile, Web, Desktop.

Back-end & User Interface

Back-end development as well as user-friendly interfaces that simplify complex tasks.


Integration with other systems.

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