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We create effective software solutions to solve real-world challenges.

Let's work together.

Who Are We?

We are a highly-skilled, cohesive team with a strong foundation in engineering driven by innovation, dedicated to solving real-world challenges using Computer Vision Software technology. Our clients' success is our main priority, and we're committed to providing practical, user-friendly solutions to contribute to their success and growth. Whether it's crafting new software or collaborating on specific project components, we're here to help.

Built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and fair collaboration, our core values shape every aspect of our work. We prioritize approachability and responsiveness over formalities, ensuring our clients' needs are met promptly and effectively. You can count on us to deliver consistent and reliable results.

We operate under two primary business models:

  • Custom Software Development

    Our core competency lies in software engineering. Our software solutions are either utilized internally by our clients or branded under their names for their end-user clients.
    Additionally, our software has played an important role in several client acquisitions, showcasing its value and impact.

  • CountThings: Subscription-based Off-the-Shelf App/Software:

    CountThings represents our forward-thinking startup, offering an off-the-shelf app/software designed for counting and measuring objects from photos and videos.
    The CountThings suite caters to a diverse range of industries. We continually evolve our apps based on client feedback and technological advancements. Additionally, we offer customization options to tailor the off-the-shelf solutions to the specific needs of our clients."

We specialize in:

  • Computer Vision
  • Video & Image Analysis and Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural Networks
  • Object Recognition
  • Image Recognition
  • Vector Graphics & Raster Images
  • 3D Software
  • UI software for mobile, desktop, tablet, and web
  • Cloud-based solutions

We Love Taking on Challenges

We develop quality software to solve real-world needs. We are proud of our technical accomplishments and feel satisfied when we see many people using what we create.

Our Journey

1986-1993 Inception and Real Estate Industry Focus

Our journey began with the development of a few off-the-shelf software products, primarily serving clients in the real estate sector in California.

1993-2003 Expansion and Diverse Offerings

During this period, we transitioned into providing software consulting services to various companies in Silicon Valley. Our expertise extended to developing advanced imaging applications for dentists and conducting defect analysis in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, we pioneered technology solutions for Xerox, which were later licensed to Oracle. This collaboration led to our engagement with Oracle in creating innovative software solutions based on this technology. The majority of the work during this phase of our company was led by Itzak, our co-founder, who previously worked many years at HP, with support from other engineers in Silicon Valley.

2003-Current Global Expansion and Agile Development

In 2003, while retaining our headquarters in Cupertino, California, we established a branch in Brasov, Romania, marking the beginning of our global expansion. We shifted our focus to providing exceptional Agile Custom Software Development Services to clients worldwide. To acquire talent, we actively recruit top students from universities, offering internships and eventually hiring the best among them for permanent positions. With a stable team and low turnover, we continue to grow gradually to maintain the quality of our team and provide ample growth opportunities and leadership roles for our engineers.

2015 - Current Introduction of CountThings

Recognizing similar demands from multiple clients, we introduced CountThings, a family of off-the-shelf software solutions, alongside our custom software development offerings. This expansion further solidifies our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our clients while maintaining our dedication to excellence.


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