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How to Use CountThings
Use the CountThings app on your computer, tablet or phone to count objects from a photo.

This guide shows you how to use the app by counting X's drawn on a piece of paper. To get started,draw some X's.
It doesn't matter how many or what size they are.
Now, launch the CountThings app.

Task 1. Get a Counting Template

Important: The Counting Template tells the app what kind of items to count. For an accurate count, always use a template made to count the items on your photo.
If you do not have any templates, go to the Counting Templates Store to download templates to your device.
1 Tap to go to the Template Store.
Internet Not Available?
To see templates and updates in the Store, your device must be connected to the internet. If you see the "Internet Unavailable" icon (above), try again later when your device is connected to the internet.
The Template Store is a location in the Cloud where all publically available Counting Templates are stored.
The store regularly gets new templates and updates to existing templates.
At the Template Store, get the template for counting X’s.
2 Find the template that best matches your items - in this case, the X's template
3 Tap to download the X's Counting Template to your device.
4 Tap Main to continue
Result: The X’s template is selected for counting.

Option: Change Counting Template

If the Current Counting Template is not right for the items in your photo, here's how to change it.
"Change Counting Template" Button
1 Tap the to see the templates available on your device.
Tap To Select
2 At the Set Active Template screen, tap a template to select it.
Important: if you don't see the template you need, click the CountingTemplate Store link at the top of the screen for more templates.
Result: Active Template Changed

Option: Get Template Updates

When an update is available for a template on your device, an indicator appears at the bottom of the Main screen. The indicators show the number of updates available.
Template Update Available
You see the indicator when you are connected to the internet, but updates do not automatically download to your device. You need to initiate the update.
To update, tap to go to My Templates.
Get the Update
Tap the button to download the update to your device.
Result: Template Updated
When the update is done, the template's version number changes. When all updates are done, the indicator at the bottom of the screen closes.

Task 2. Take a photo

The template needs to "see" items in order to count them. So take the photo from where you would stand to see the items well enough to count them manually.
The X’s template is selected for counting.
1 Tap to access your device's Camera and take a picture of the X's you drew.
Option: Tips for Taking "Countable" Photo (Coming soon)
Option: Use an Existing Photo (Coming soon)

Task 3. Count

You are ready to count when your photo shows in the Count screen.
1 Tap at the bottom of the screen to count all items in the photo.

Option: Define Count Areas

Before counting, you can define areas in the photo that tell the app which items to count.
Count Area Controls
1 Use the Count Area buttons to define areas that tell the app what to count:
Tap then draw an area around items you want to count.
Tap then draw an area around items you do not want to count.
You can tap the button anytime to erase count areas and start over.
Important: you can use Include, Exclude, or both to tell the app which items to count. See the examples below.
If necessary, use 2 fingers to move or zoom the photo.
Example: Exclude Only
1 Tap the button.
2 Use 1 finger to draw an area that includes the items you do not want to count. Items in this area will be ignored.
3 Note that the items outside the excluded area are considered "included" and will be counted.
Count result: When you tap Count, the app ignores items in the darker Exlude areas. The total count is 13.
Example: Include Only
1 Tap the button.
2 Use 1 finger to draw areas around items you want to count.
3 Items outside the included area are considered "excluded" and are not counted.
Count result: Only "included" items will be counted. Other items will be ignored. Count total will be 8 X's.
Example: Include & Exclude
1 Tap the button. to add an Exclude area to the previous example.
2 Draw an Exclude area inside the Include area. Items in this area will not be counted.
3 Remember that items outside include areas are considered "excluded" and will not be counted.
4 Tap to count items in the defined area(s).
Count result (shown below): X's in the Include areas are tagged and counted. X's in the Exclude areas are not counted. Total count is 7 X's.

Task 4. Review and Correct

The Review screen lets you review counting result and make corrections before saving.
1 Add Tags - Tap once, then tap an object to add a tag.

2 Delete Tags - Tap once, then tap each tag that you want to delete.

3 Move Tags - Tap, drag, and release a tag to move it to another location.
Make sure to use two fingers to zoom & pan the photo.
Use one finger to move tags.
Option: Change Counting Sensitivity (Coming soon)
Option: Change Tag Size (Coming soon)
Option: Hide Tag Numbers (Coming soon)

Task 5. Save Count Results

1 To save count results, tap at the bottom of the Review screen.
You can use Saving & Integration settings to control what is saved and where results are saved.
Option: Change Saving & Integration settings (Coming soon)
Option: Fill Out Form (if available) (Coming soon)
If you need help, email Support@CountThings.com and send us a few images from which you would like to count.
Make sure to send images with the highest possible resolution available to you. Do not resize the image to save space.
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