Import/Export settings on CountThings from Photos
Reading Time: 3 minutes
This guide walks you for the steps of how to save your current settings and share them with another device so you can both use same configuration in terms of settings.
This is possible with the Import/Export feature and it works for settings from Saving and Integration and General Settings categories.
A. Export your settings
1. Within the app, enable/modify the settings that are helping you during your counting process.
2. Then go to General Settings
3. Tap on Import/Export
4. Tap Export
A new screen will open and it includes different locations/methods to export the settings depending on what apps you currently have on your device (e.g. Email, Dropbox)
Choose the best option for you and tap OK.
Regardless of the location/method chosen to export the settings, you will notice that a file export.ctsettings will be saved and this file can be shared with other devices for import settings.
B. Import settings
1. Download/Save the export.ctsettings file on your device.
2. Within the app, go to Settings
3. Then tap on General Settings.
4. Tap on Import/Export
5. Tap Import
A warning message that the import will overwrite your current settings will appear.
Select Continue.
Browse the location on the device where you downloaded/saved the export.ctsettings file.
Select the export.ctsettings file for import.